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De’ Laroca Jewellery

Today, over three decades in jewelry industry we continue to push our personal boundaries and keep up with our personal achievements. After 34 years of jewelry distribution and lots of customers we still provide the best commercial value jewelry for our customers.

The biggest achievement is to have more than 5000 satisfied customers.

Jewel is something personal.. and we kindly appreciate you for you trust.

Our Collection

Our jewelry collection ranges from tradition Greek design like the well known “meadros” or Greek Key shape jewelries to more modern and exquisite pieces. We can and we have produce many one-of-kind handmade pieces for some of our costumers at retail or wholesale sector.

We do not have a specific way of manufacturing our jewelry.

Of course we are updated with the most recent achievements of technology and 3D printing but we prefer to use the best manufacture approach for each order.  If not by hand we use the lost-wax casting method.

We love the freedom of transformation provided by metal alloys, but we prefer to use K14–0585 and K18-0750 gold alloys for our jewelry manufacture procedures. We let only the principles of  manufacturing and quality to be our guide. Diamond, precious and semi precious stones are essential enhancers of our final jewel pieces. Bridal Jewelry is also a very essential field of our production.

Either with small or big center gemstones..

Our sale associates are trained and experienced to guide you through the gemstone purchase of your dreams.

Selected Pieces

Bespoke jewellery with precious metals and beautiful gemstones